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Caligari Records is honored to release the sophomore effort by San Francisco's death metal band SUCCUMB on cassette tape. Following on the footsteps of their exceptional self-titled debut on The Flenser, the quintet ups the ante even more, with intricate compositions and grinding interlocking arrangements toppled and elevated by the visceral vocal approach of Cheri Musrasrik.


Revolver Magazine: "Aither" is all of that and then some, as the San Francisco group toss techy riffs and mathy rhythmic patterns into the bonfire and see what happens. Succumb are trained pyrotechnics, though, because somehow they never sound like they're losing control of the madness they're creating. Think Full of Hell, but with even more hell.


No Clean Singing: from the brazen and mutating discordance of the riffing to the relentlessly riotous drumming, the bone-smashing impact of the grooves, and the stunning voracity of the vocals. Not so much like crouching indoors during a hurricane and more like charging outside in the midst of it.




Succumb - XXI CS

  • Caligari

  • Death Metal

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