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Heading 6

Out November 10th, 2023.

Rotted Life has brought together two continents in a union of death, doom, and disgust with a split release between Virginia’s Night Hag and Italy’s Burial. On black and marbled magenta vinyl. 

Heading 6

September 29th, 2023. Out now, the debut full length from Finland's Disguised Malignance. 8 tracks of unearthly, brutal, and colossal death metal Finnish death metal.

On frosted cassette with full pad print and 5 panel J-Card.

Out now! Malformed - Uncontrollable Malformity on lmtd 100 marbled red vinyl and lmtd 150 black vinyl 7". One of 2023's most indispensable death metal releases from this young Finnish act. Monster riffs, twisting bass grooves, and sickening vocals, Malformed splits their time between urgent brutality and deep trenches of mid-paced chuggery.

Malformed_Bandcamp 7inch Mockup.jpg
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April 20th, 2023. The Debut full length from Australia's Pustilence, following the well received "The Birth of the Beginning Before the Inception of the End" EP in 2021. Now a four piece, the shift upwards in sound and complexity is on full display, as Pustilence rips through 11 tracks of absolutely vicious and cataclysmic death metal. Rampant tempo changes, blistering riffs, and disgusting vocals create a thrashing, relentless energy that's never short on compromise, or a hook. Fucking essential. On 3 cassette variants - regular gold with gold backing Norelco case, 24K ultra premium shell, and ultra premium rose gold tinted shell. 100% riff supremacy. LPs in early Summer.

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Behold the morbid cover art that Mörtuus-Art drew for Ectoplasma's 4th album, titled Inferna Kabbalah, due out on January 24th via Memento Mori (CD) and Rotted Life (LP and TAPE). Tracklist will be as follows:

1. God Is Dead, Satan Lives (Rosemary's Baby)

2. Appalling Abomination

3. My Medieval Urges Materialized

4. Infestation of Atrocious Hunger

5. Inferna Kabbalah

6. Gruesome Sacred Orgasms

7. Filth-Ridden Flesh

8. Desecration of the Christian Existence

Ectoplasma_Inferna Cover 3000x3000.jpg

COMING SOON! Noxis / Cavern Womb - Communion of Corrupted Minds CD/LP/CS (Rotted34)

This ones been brewing for some time and I couldn’t be more stoked to finally announce it, and for the material itself. The latest in a series of split releases on Rotted Life, brings together the clobbering, earth based physicality of Cleveland‘s Noxis  with the gelatinous, interdimensional slime of Philadelphia’s newly birthed Cavern Womb. On paper, the two would seem to operate on different plains. In actuality, the binding agent is an adept ability on the part of both bands to intertwine twisting labyrinths of riffs with an oppressive and meaty underbelly of visceral churn. It's the kind of death metal whose influences may be rooted in early '90s Finland and Florida, but one that's clearly forged in the 2020s. On CD and two different tape variants in early December, and on LP sometime in January. Pre-sale launch and track premieres in the coming weeks. Cover art by Rotten Realm

Noxis_Cavern Womb Ad 3 copy.jpg
Phobophilic_Undimensioned Cassette Re-Press mock-up (1) (1) copy.jpg

January 2021

Pleased to announce the addition of Australia's Pustilence to the Rotted Life roster.  Started in late 2018, the three-headed vermin whip up some vicious, relentless and mind-warping Death Metal madness, chock full of leads, tempo changes and putrid vocals, and influenced by the glory days of old school Death Metal, when albums by bands such as Oppressor, Morta Skuld, Gutted and Psychic Pawn took the underground scene by the storm. Lyrics wise, Pustilence aim to bring a uniqueness to the art of extreme music in the form of fantastical and obscured themes. Late 2021 will see their debut full length materialize, with Spain's Memento Mori unleashing the CD version , with Rotted Life taking care of the LP and tape versions. In the meantime, the cassette version of their debut demo,  "The Birth of the Beginning Before the Inception of the End" will be out on Rotted Life on February 22nd. Give 'em a follow on Facebook at Pustilence | Facebook or Instagram @pustilenceau • Instagram photos and videos


Coming July 16th, the long awaited debut from Bay Area death metal thrashers Laceration. Following in the steps of 2018’s “Imitation” EP (of which are included here), the 11 tracks on Demise dispense a non-stop volley of furious drumming, rapid-fire riffs, and rampaging tempos. It’s the kind of crushing chug the came roaring out of the late ‘80s and into the early 90’s, where death metal and thrash metal converged and bands like Demolition Hammer, Solstice, and Pestilence were delivering benchmark releases. Available on CD and cassette July 16th, and LP on October 25th.

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I’m thrilled to announce that Rotted Life will be releasing the first full length from San Diego based trio, Conjureth.

Conjureth formed in 2018 with the goal of continuing the traditions forged by the originators of Death Metal. Taking influence via everything from Florida to Finland, Conjureth steamrolls their way through late 80's inspired filth. There was a short time when Death Metal wasn't primarily full of blastbeats, caveman riffs, ultra low tuned guitars, and super guttural vocals. Sadly, this era was fairly short-lived. But we all know how it spawned some of the most classic material the genre has ever seen. Conjureth slots in that bygone age of 1986 to 1989 style Death Metal with a heaping portion of Thrash Metal riffing and a dash of the technical side of things that would be unearthed a few years later. This is a band that celebrates the past giving birth to the future.

Entitled Majestic Dissolve, Spain's Memento Mori will unleash the CD version, whereas Rotted Life Records will take care of the LP and cassette versions. Release date for all formats has been set for October 25th, 2021

Conjureth_band photo.jpg
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Major announcement!: Legendary  stalwarts Father Befouled team up with malevolent newcomers, Exaugurate in a devastating union of morbid and abysmal death metal. On gatefold 7", lmtd 250 black and lmtd 100 with clear/black marbled vinyl.  Pre-sale launch late February for a mid-April release.  

Molder_Vanished Instagram ad.jpg

The brain eating mutants in Cryptic Brood created a video for their new record. Get lobotomized on November 22nd when "Outcome of Obnoxious Science" comes out on gatefold LP via Rotted Life in the US, and Terror from Hell in the EU

October 18th, 2019

Coffin Rot - A Monument to the Dead out now!8 tracks of pure death metal madness infected with sickening riffs, monstrous hooks, and blood soaked vocals. Features contributions from Dustin James of Church of Disgust, Aaren Pantke of Molder, and intro from Abjection Ritual. CD and LPs are a bit delayed, and we’ll ship those as soon as they hit. Cassettes are en route and will ship somewhere around the 22nd or 23rd of October. Steaming now via Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, etc

coffin rot_monument cover3000x3000.jpg
Coffin Rot_band photo with logo.jpg
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