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"Slither in Slime" immediately sounds like Rotheads, but something strange -something altogether unwholesome and even otherworldly- is at work here. While no doubt as crushing as ever, there´s a cool/calm/collected execution to the album that creates tension and unease, allowing those same foul and fetid riffs to wash over you with filthier effect, and something approaching "atmosphere" results. Patient? Yes, but the payoff is even grander, as a swirling creepiness seduces even the most closeminded death metaller. We could also say that "Slither in Slime" is catchy as fuck, but that should be apparent to anyone who dares to step into Rotheads´ newest sewer. Simply massive? You fucking bet! Graced with appropriately stark cover art courtesy of Mörtuus, and suitably tendrilous mastering courtesy of Ted Tringo, Rotheads have eclipsed the lofty standards set by their debut: you are hereby commanded to Slither in Slime! 

Lmtd 100 on black shell cassette with printed label. Collab release with Lycanthropic Chants (DE).


Rotheads - Slither in Slime CS

SKU: Rotted40
  • Rotted Life

  • Death Metal

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