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Ravenous Death are back to fuck fashion and especially fickle tastes with their brand new full length, "Visions from the Netherworld". Not for nothing is the album titled as such: "Visions from the Netherworld" is an epic 63 minutes, and conveys a moodiness perfectly suited to these slicing and sluicing songs. The atmosphere is hideous, evil as ever but without any cloying "cavernous" touches; the production is professional and powerful, skillfully balancing gleam and grime; the leads are more prominent, and blackened to a crisp; and the songwriting itself twists and turns and twists some more, opening infinite labyrinths but always with a (crooked) direction in sight. Whereas the previous full-length displayed trace elements of Mexican forebears Shub Niggurath as well as Sadistic Intent, Seance, old Grave, 90´s Immolation, 90´s Vader, Demigod and Vomitory, here do Ravenous Death strike upon new-yet-old ground that can only be qualified as Ominous Rotten Death Metal. And as its epic length suggests, "Visions from the Netherworld" is indeed a concept album as always; the cover art, once again by the masterful Mörtuus, represents all the twisted visions that the band have about Hell, the underworld, punishment, etc. 


Ravenous Death - Visions From the Netherworld CD

SKU: MementoCXII
  • Memento Mori

  • Death Metal

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