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Compilation of Demo 1, 2 & 3 and previously unreleased bonus tracks.


Putrifaction - Demo 2021
Morbification - Demo 2022
Dessemination - Demo 2022
Recently formed in the rotting dead crypts of Marburg, Germany Putridarium have already infected many filthy ear canals and metal minds throughout the under ground. The bands trilogy of demos have been widely circulated and mostly sold out at this point. Now all three demo recordings are available for the first time ever on CD format. Also included are two bonus songs, a total of 12 earth shaking Death Doom atrocities that will blow your speakers! For fans of Rippikoulu, Autopsy, Cianide & Derketa. Brazilian edition on Old Shadows Records


Putridarium - An Exploration of Burial Perversions CD

SKU: Old076
  • Old Shadows Records

  • Death Metal

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