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Necrofulgurate hailed from the United States, and released two demos in super-limited editions. It was a one-time project, helmed by one man, intended for vile, raw death metal: Necrofulgurate was hateful of all trends and posers, and suitably aimed for its music to be a rejection of that. Thus, it rejected lofty metaphysical concepts so prevalent in nowadays death metal and instead stuck to violent, war-themed lyrics espousing a hatred for mankind. Similarly, minimal equipment was used, with intentionally simplistic riffing that showed complexity in the smallest of details, nor was any "atmosphere" intentional. Necrofulgurate never intended for either of its two demos to be released - in fact, they were almost deleted - but support from underground labels changed that. 

No gimmicks, no frills, no mystery: Necrofulgurate's epitaph is written with Putrid Veil.

Necrofulgurate - Putrid Veil mCD

  • Flesh Vessel

  • Death Metal

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