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he fourth album of the Chilean horde NAR MATTARU, 40 min of obscure and occult Death/Black Metal, behind the band there are formermembers of great trajectory and recognition in the great Chilean scene. and we refer to a great band: Dominus Xul and they're playing an even nastier and more obscure brand of death metal than Dominus Xul did. Nar Mattaru should easily sit amongst Disma, Cruciamentum, and Dead Congregation, as their music is at least as good if not better than those bands, and if you’re into of those evil and perverse sounds like old Incantation & Immolation, you dont miss this act. The album was recorded in the Silentium studio, 8 tracks with, so that's a pretty solid compliment. With a few listens, this is easily on par with Dominus Xul's first full length, which would actually place this fairly high in my pantheon of death metal bands.


Nar Mattaru - Proclamation of the Veils....CD

SKU: Narm01
  • Total Death

  • Death Metal

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