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Rotted Life, in conspiracy with Blood Harvest Records, is proud to present INSINERATEHYMN's highly anticipated second album, 

One of death metal's best-kept secrets, Insineratehymn first appeared on Rotted Life with 2018's "A Moment in a Vision", an auspicious start, already evincing mastery of timeless death metal songcraft, A Moment in a Vision was but a signal of greater things to come for Insineratehymn

And that arrives with Disembodied, Insineratehymn's second album. Clearer, cutting, and more crushing, Disembodied doesn't so much as dispense with the previous album's style as it simply sharpens it to a dangerous degree. Indeed, Insineratehymn give a masterclass in '90s death metal, from the spiraling vortexes of early Tampa to the sewage to come from New York, on to eerie emanations from Europe and the dissonance at the dawn of the new millennium. The band bend those classic tropes in a variety of ways, all of which bespeak their own identity: malevolently atmospheric, savagely urgent, classically styled death metal delivered with deadly effectiveness and memorability.

Graced with amazing cover artwork courtesy of Edgar Roldan and utterly throttling production, Insineratehymn are prepared to ascend the throne with Disembodied!  Orange splatter edition


Insineratehymn - Disembodied LP (Orange Splatter Edition)

SKU: Rotted37SVLP
  • Rotted Life

  • Death Metal

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