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Meat Mead Metal: Death and its stench are in the air and poison your lungs on “Vile Crematory,” a record that sounds like the soundtrack to your worst nightmare. Grotesqueries ply you with enough stomach-turning chaos and massive force to leave you sore for weeks, and when your experience is over, you are strangely satisfied, even if it’s in the most warped possible way. This is a punishing first full-length from a band that is just getting their claws into death metal’s corpse, and they seem far from ending their feeding.

Deaf Sparrow Zine: Vile Crematory gets it done fast and sticky; a sludgy effect is applied to the primary tones and that vocal echo, yeah, puts you right in the bottom of a putridarium as some bile rot drips over your head. Easily surviving multiple listens, putting you in a foul mood, and ruining everyone’s day, Vile Crematory is your fast-pass ride line ticket to becoming gross ooze of a mortal.

Metal Injection: I guarantee you whatever you think this sounds like based on everything you know, you're right. It's gross. 



Grotesqueries - Vile Crematory CS

  • Caligari Records

  • Death Metal

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