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Glacial Domination, the second full-length from FROZEN SOUL, plunges the Dallas cold-school death metal quintet to even more chilling depths than their 2021 Century Media debut, Crypt of Ice first hinted at. Tracks like ‘Morbid Effigy’ (which features an appearance from John Gallagher of Dying Fetus), ‘Abominable’, or the album's title track, are an avalanche of riffs and unforgettable hooks that echo death metal's time-frozen classics and ossify FROZEN SOUL as an apex-predator in modern extreme metal. Co-produced by Trivium's Matthew K. Heafy, Glacial Domination marks a shift towards brutal accessibility without thawing FROZEN SOUL's trademark bleakness and ferocity. With the album's 2-song cycle, ‘Frozen Soul’ / ‘Assimilator’, inspired by John Carpenter's Antarctic sci-fi/horror classic, The Thing, frontman Chad Green and his cold crew further refine the band's unmistakable sound and vision. It's icy-clear - winter is here. FROZEN SOUL's ice-age has arrived. Brazilian edition on Old Shadows Records


Frozen Soul - Glacial Domination CD (Brazilian Edition)

SKU: Old086
  • Old Shadows Records

  • Death Metal

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