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A festering entity (de)composed of dwellers from the Viennese underworld.
Rotten death metal to lead you on a pilgrimage into the furthest corridors of morbidity.

Metalstorm‘s Review ( about Prigrims of Morbidity:
´This release is irresistibly repugnant; it is dripping all sorts of revolting liquids, and you can bet your ass that they all smell disgustingly awful.
If you ever feel like lurking in a suffocating, dark, and bat-filled cave, or if you get an urge to open up a coffin at your local cemetery and desecrate its content, Pilgrims of Morbidity should be on your headphones.
The band has a knack for groove, and the fact that Brenton Weir from MOLTEN CHAINS is behind FESSUS explains a lot.
The cavernous riffs are paired with sickening growls and some blazing drumming, and this demo is pure delight for fans of old-school, rotten death metal, who get satisfaction when the riffs make them pick up their jaw from the floor´.


Fessus - Pilgrims of Morbidity CD

  • Darkness Shall Rise Productions

  • Death Metal

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