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Trve savage death metal from the crypts, Indiana duo Desekryptor are back with four tracks of ancient savagery.

Limited to 200 copies

VM Underground
Crawling out of their damp, yawning cave, covered in filth, blood, murk and lather, for first time in five long years. Desekryptor have drug through the mire and excrement their first “official” EP with ‘Curse of the Execrated’ to see the light of the outside world.

Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States, Desekryptor have found the damp, dark caves within the cornfields to bring forth this Cavernous Death Metal gem. It feels like a nice, vile mixture of Incantation, Immolation and some of the more melodic (ie. catchy) bits of Bolt Thrower. All while still sounding like a fresh cadaver for us to peruse instead a rotting old, picked over carcass that we’ve all seen (heard) before.

This EP is four tracks of good Death Metal. Just over twelve minutes of grimy goodness. Four tracks that come in rock your fucking socks off and leave before you even realize what’s truly going on. In and out quick, all while being extremely good, memorable and everything you ever really wanted plus everything you didn’t know you needed out of Death Metal such as this. This EP fucking slays, period



Desekryptor - Curse of the Execrated CS

  • Caligari Records

  • Death Metal

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