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Crematory Stench's highly anticipated second EP! Hailing from Southern California, Crematory Stench formed in 2014 and released their self-titled debut EP two years later. Then a trio, the band's sound was a thrashing take on late '80s death metal, largely nodding to early Death and Pestilence. Now expanded to a quartet and having been a prolific force on the live front, Crematory Stench's attack has but gotten nastier, gnarlier, and creepier. One could argue that with Grotesque Deformities, they have entered the very early '90s, owing as they do to the gutsfuck sounds coming from Sweden then. Either way, it's utterly hellish. 
But, as evidenced on this new  EP, Crematory StenchH are just getting started and will undoubtedly get darker and more disgusting. Jump on their bandwagon now and witness their Grotesque Deformities!


Crematory Stench - Grotesque Deformities CD

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  • FDA Records

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