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Toronto Death Metal gore-masters Coprolith unleashed their crushing debut demo this year. It is now being handled by underground death-dealers Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Rotted Life Records for a proper release.Lurking in the catacombs, reverberate grinding filth sprays ichor from the very first moments of this release. Impenetrable walls of murky guitars and bludgeoning bass cascade atop visceral drum assaults. Putrescent vocals spread an equally squalid aroma through the air as we are crushed by the monolith of sonic decay. With a stringy quality to the entire soundscape, each lacerating track feels atmospheric and yet punishing with a meaty quality that will induce retching and head-banging in equal measure.If you are one of those sick freaks who seek twisted, malignant and hostile sounding Death Metal to regurgitate rancidity into your ears, then this will scratch that necrotising itch. A belching and barbaric opus of truly unforgiving extremity that even some underground maniacs might find to be just a touch too rotten for their pristine ears. Coprolith imbue the real 90s spirit with that cavernous, sepulchral quality that has developed in the last twenty years. This sound is one for the real die-hards with a strong stomach…
Vinyl ships in late January/early February 2024. Split release with Me Saco Un Ojo, those outside of the United States should considere purchasing there to save postage

Grey vinyl edition, lmtd to 200 copies


Coprolith - Coprolith 12" LP (Grey Vinyl)

SKU: Rotted58GV
  • Rotted Life

  • Death Metal

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