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The highly anticipated 2nd full-length by this U.S. band. Although they formed in 2018, Conjureth went on a tear starting in 2020, unleashing two demos, "Foul Formations" and "The Levitation Manifest", which all culminated in their debut album for Memento Mori. Ominously titled "Majestic Dissolve", Conjureth´s first full-length achieved its goal: continuing the traditions forged by the originators of Death Metal, and then some. That they achieved that goal so swiftly and effortlessly was perhaps unsurprising -after all, this lineup of Conjureth do have or have done time in such bands as Encoffination, VoidCeremony and Ghoulgotha, among many others- but the power-trio slayed their way through late 80´s-inspired filth like a well-oiled/slimed machine. Now, Conjureth return with an album that arguably eclipses that all-too-considerable predecessor: "The Parasitic Chambers". Keenly understanding that Death Metal doesn´t need to change -or rather, the wheel doesn´t need reinvention- Conjureth turn that wheel with even more power and poise than before whilst keeping their core sound intact. Like that predecessor, "The Parasitic Chambers" locates that all-too-short time when Death Metal wasn´t primarily full of blastbeats, caveman riffs, ultra-low-tuned guitars and super-guttural vocals, slotting into that bygone age of 1986-to-1989-style Death Metal with a heaping portion of Thrash Metal riffing and a dash of the technical side of things that would be unearthed a few years later. If anything, Conjureth make their deathrashing musings even more manic and muscular here: while more ripping than ever, the riffing takes tons of wild and weird detours, often literally blowing the mind, as the rhythms take the "by the books" approach and bend the cover backwards; meanwhile, the trio´s multi-tentacled attack retains a full-bodied sense of heft that´s sharpened to an enviable degree by the clear-yet-crushing production. Or, simply imagine late 80´s Tampa receiving strange and unsettling transmissions from Finland a few years ahead. If "Majestic Dissolve" celebrated the past giving birth to the future, then "The Parasitic Chambers" is the sound of that future beginning to beautifully rot. Graced with yet another mesmerizing cover courtesy of Erskine Designs, "The Parasitic Chambers" continues Conjureth´s ascent as one of the most time-warping bands around!

Lmtd 100 on marbled torquoise vinyl. Includes two sided insert


Conjureth - The Parasitic Chambers LP (Marbled Turquoise Vinyl)

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  • Rotted Life

  • Death Metal

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