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Paleolithic Death and Doom manifested by drummer/vocalist Fred Grabosky of Philly fungal death bringers Blood Spore, with Isaac Ryan on guitar (ex Hyve) and Will Hersh on bass (ex Hyve) to round out the filth laden trio. Aiming to bring things back to a time where survival was the only thing that mattered and war was imminent with beast or man and woman…When tools and weapons were constructed by only natural elements, and danger was everywhere…When it was ‘Thrive or Starve’, and kill or be killed.

Pulling influence from the likes of death doom greats Cianide, Derketa, Rippikoulu, Autopsy, Coffins and Undergang to name a few; they want people in their primal brains channeling power and strength from listening, no matter the being. “We want people stomping like warriors around a fire after the victory of a hunt when they see us play.”

Their debut demo release ‘Thrive or Starve’, (recorded by Luke Gary of Blood Spore) offers 3 unrelenting tracks of pure death doom guaranteed to make you want to smash a skull with a rock and lick the blood from a fresh spear wound.


Bone Weapon - Thrive or Starve CD

  • Morbid Chapel Records

  • Death/Doom Metal

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