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Hailing from Helsinki, AZATOTH formed in 2020 and soon released their first demo, Sacrificial Suicide. Then a trio, the band expanded to a quartet by the next year, which brought their second demo, Ruins of Humanity. Longer and stronger, the five-song/25-minute Ruins of Humanity is a big statement for this still-young band. Their death metal here is authentically rooted in the darkest sewers of the ‘90s, whether it’s from their native Finland or the cultest corners of the old Tampa style. Plus, it’s blackened to an exceptional degree, in the process nodding to the likes of classic Vital Remains, Imprecation, and even Infester. Short but definitely sweet, AZATOTH here will rot you inside out!


Azatoth - Ruins of Humanity CDEP

SKU: Chaos110
$10.00 Regular Price
$8.50Sale Price
  • Chaos Records

  • Death Metal

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