Festerdecay is a Fukuoka based early Carcass style orientated putrid gory act, proudly presenting their newest material, written in the best canons of good old days grind.
This is their first debut release under the wing of label, and you can taste all the pus, accumulated for the years of activity, with a  thick and rancid palette of flavors.
With raw yet clear as pathologist’s report sound, they present 5 tracks, filled with gorgeous riffs, blasting drums and filthy as suppurative wound vocals.

Tokyo basd Crash Syndrom bring up the split side with another new presentation of medical grind. Heavily influenced by "Necroticism…”, they regurgitate 3 tracks of grinding death metal with touches of progressive composition freedom.
“More CARCASS than CARCASS themselves nowadays!" 

Encyclopedia Of Putrefactive Anomalies, clocking in more than 23 minutes total, is a guide for old school grind,processed through the perception of younger generation musicians. Absoulte must for lovers of Haemorrhage, General Surgery, Carcass, Pathologist and so on...


Festerdecay/Crash Syndrom - Encyclopedia Of Putrefactive Anomalies mCD

  • Obliteration Records


  • Grind/Death Metal