Maine's upstart tape label Gurgling Gore making another strong statement here, with release # 3.

“This brings to mind old school Bolt Thrower. There’s also hints of a distant, melancholic, grim atmosphere – the vibes you get off of funeral doom bands. But, in small doses, beautifully interwoven with death metal. It stands out in this saturated market we have now for raw, old school-inspired death metal. I really enjoyed this! Looking forward to seeing what they do next…” – Will Smith (Afterbirth, Artificial Brain, Pyrexia) talking about Writhing Shadows on his Heavy Hole Podcast. Recommended for fans of Bolt Thrower, Malignant Altar, Gorefest, and Asphyx

Lmtd 100

Writhing Shadows - Flesh Magic of the Haruspex CS

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  • Gurgling Gore

  • Death Metal