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 the striking debut EP of Australia's WRITHING, Eternalised in Rot, on 7" vinyl format.

The power-trio's first public recording, Eternalised in Rot is a quick-yet-crushing introduction to WRITHING's generation-straddling death metal. While no doubt rooted in American turn-of-the-'90s classics - in particular, the earliest works of Suffocation, Immolation, and Gorguts - there's equally a sense of the ominous and ethereal here which puts this two-song EP in more modern/progressive company; contemporaries could include Portal, Ulcerate, Gigan, Altarage, and even Mithras and Mitochondrion. But, lest one think WRITHING lurk too long in the abyssal depths, there's a startlingly precise execution across the EP that ably highlights the band's tech-yet-focused songwriting.

Originally self-released on CD and then finding a cassette edition via Redefining Darkness, BLOOD HARVEST now spews Eternalised in Rot onto 7" vinyl, with 150 copies to be unleashed on black and 50 fittingly on gross green. Commence WRITHING!


Writhing - Eternalised in Rot 7"

SKU: YOTZ20-027
  • Blood Harvest

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