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Frozen Screams Imprint in collaboration with Night Shift proudly present the new EP from WEEPING. Last year's "I Don't Hear The Angels Calling" demo (FSI-007) was released as a limited edition run of cassettes in burlap sacks + just a taste of the sheer brutality to follow. Now "Ethereal Suffering in the Light of God" unveils a pulverizing wall of sound, including guest vocals from Hunter Young of Graveview + stunning production by The Swamp Sound.

Available on translucent blood red pro-cassette from Frozen Screams Imprint to compliment the haunting cover artwork by Stewart Cole. 12" vinyl release by Night Shift in 2 colors w/ silk screened B-side. Merch is also available from Night Shift + the band directly.



Weeping - Ethereal Suffering In the Light of God CS

SKU: FS015
  • Frozen Screams Imprint

  • Death Metal

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