Pacific Northwest abnormal death metal oddity WARP CHAMBER create a raw, nightmarish and twisted sonicscape of otherworldly cosmic death metal horror that attends to the likes of the old school Finnish, Swedish, and American death metal scenes while creating a putrid and celestial atmosphere through its abominable vision. Their 2018 demo tape “Abdication Of The Mind” made its impression in channeling WARP CHAMBER through the consciousness of the American death metal underground. Their debut album “Implements Of Excruciation” (out on March 27 on CD/LP/Digital) will bring awareness to the unit as another singular American underground death metal entity to behold.

Recorded early 2018 at Earhammer Studios by Greg Wilkinson, mastered by Dan Lowndes, and featuring art by Dayan Weller, 

Warp Chamber - Implements of Excruciation CD

  • Profound Lore

  • Death Metal