VHS return with their fourth full length, Gore From Beyond the Stars. Every sequel reaches this point....where seemingly every idea has been explored. When there is nowhere left to go....you go to space!

Written and recorded during quarantine, Gore From Beyond the Stars, shows VHS continuing with their trademark raunchy punk infused death metal sound while introducing just a bit more groove. Armed with an improved production and a general disregard for fitting into any specific subgenre, the album reaches new depths both in terms of grossness and musicality. From the short and fierce "From Crystal Lake to Space" to the 4 minute instrumental "Space Jam," this is a diverse album that shows a band giving the middle finger to the trends of the current scene and writing music for themselves first and foremost.

Grab some popcorn, put on your space suit and get ready for the GORE!

Listen: https://vhshorror.bandcamp.com/album/gore-from-beyond-the-stars

VHS - Gore From Beyond the Stars CD

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  • Grindhead Records

  • Death/Thrash Metal/Grindcore