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2 song EP of gross death metal sewage from Kill-Town Death Militia UNDERGANG.

"DEN DOBBELTE GRAVE" was recorded in Earhammer Studio with Greg Wilkinson from July 28th till August 2nd 2016 during the same session as "MISANTROPOLOGI"
Lyrics for "Den dobbelte grav" is written by Benni Bødker, Danish author (and much more) specializing in writing horror stories for the younger audience.
The 7" release of this EP is created by the idea from Benni and build around an anthology book he's written called "Den dobbelte grav og andre rædsler" (released for Halloween 2019) to which UNDERGANG's David Mikkelsen has provided illustrations. On the side of his book Benni is releasing this 7" EP, both presented by his publishing company Corto in December 2018.
Music for "Den dobbelte grav" is written and performed by UNDERGANG
"Powder Burns" was originally written by BOLT THROWER and on this recording made GROSS by UNDERGANG. This is the second pressing with alternate cover


Undergang - "Den dobbelte grav" EP (Black vinyl - second pressing)

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  • Extremely Rotten Productions

  • Death Metal

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