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Danish Death Metal legends Undergang are showing no signs of slowing down, with a brand new EP featuring seven pieces of ugly rotten death coming soon via Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Dark Descent Records.

The band's signature mix of neanderthalic drumming and stringy phlegm-like riffs is instantly recognizable to any Death Metal fan. Equally so is David’s signature vomit-snarled vocals, all of which immediately will grip you with the fist of festering decay from the earliest points. Although primal and disgusting as ever, Undergang have always had a penchant for including gloomy moments betwixt their rot churning disdain. This new material has plenty of those disgusting dynamics which throw a superb stench into the air with remorseless instrumental fury and equally unsavory vocals, taking everything that made the Death Metal of old great and plunging it furiously into the carcass of today like a rusted knife designed to open seeping sores and spray pus forth upon all within the vicinity. The pulverizing putrescence does not relent…

From the slowest drudges to the grinding fury and all sonic sadism in between, Undergang’s newest offering is a viciously unpleasant and transfixing opus of odors most foul. Woefully brutal, most puny headbangers will simply die from the sheer weight of this thing if they try to lift it onto their turntable. Any remaining will be flattened by the brutal gut-opening session that they will be subjected to 20 minutes of. Although all of their albums contain nothing short of true magnificent monstrosities from start to end, the amount of diversity in this miniature tome of auditory violations is impeccable even by Undergang’s high standard. If you find yourself presented with this cacophony of rot, then be sure not to miss the opportunity to drown in the swampy sludge before you, it’s thrilling! If you can make it through all seven stages of depravity, then you must congratulate your own hardiness, then find yourself drawn back for more torture! So, all of the odious freaks out there, force-feed yourself this slab of sadism. 


Undergang - De syv stadier af ford​æ​rv 12" LP

  • Me Saco Un Ojo

  • Death Metal

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