Dead Rhetoric: Succumb’s approach to death metal is that of a band without any particular handle, which is why this album serves up so many frequencies and colors. From Musrasrik’s straightjacketed roar to Webster’s unique, coy guitar offerings, Succumb have created a whirling dervish of modern death metal, subsequently becoming the soundtrack to your mental funeral.

Metal Storm: Easy candidate for debut of the year. Succumb to Succumb.

Scene Point Blank: 8.0 out of 10

Heavy Blog is Heavy: It is a truly remarkable debut from a band that has found its voice quickly and powerfully, and can already be considered a death metal force to be reckoned with. Do not ignore Succumb. They are out for death metal ascendance, and far be it from me to deny it to them. An outstanding debut.


Succumb - Succumb CS

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  • Caligari

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