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Alabama's quartet SERAPHIC ENTOMBMENT are now back with “Sickness Particles Gleam”, a 50+ minutes haunting and crushing ode to the foreboding; a long and unsettling journey into mankind’s darkest and most fetid hallucinations, fears, and primal impulses!

Seraphic Entombment was formed in the fall of 2017, initially as a side project of Ectovoid and Hegemony members. After early songwriting and rehearsals and a handful of live performances, debut rehearsal demo “Quelled” was recorded in 2018 in the band’s practice dungeon. Shortly before this time guitarist JB  joined the band, bringing the outfit to a four-piece and adding an extra layer of depth and heaviness to the band’s lumbering, cavernous sound. Further songwriting, rehearsals, and live performances continued to take place over the next two years until the band finally entered a proper studio to record their bizarre and miasmic debut full length record – “Sickness Particles Gleam.”

For fans of Disma, Cruciamentum, Autopsy, Swallowed.


Seraphic Entombment - Sickness Particles Gleam CD

SKU: Spit079CD
  • Everlasting Spew 

  • Death Metal

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