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Total Death digipak with  foil stamping pic-disc 

Grotesque samples set a perfectly rancid mood for the demo which jumps right in with crushing guitars, pounding drums and snarled grunts. Immediately this has the utterly disgusting approach of truly hideous old school Death Metal with some doomy touches adding texture to the visceral grooving stomp that drills into the brain with infectious hooks and marvellously primitive musicianship. Thundering along with a murky production to match the guttural assault, this drawn out morbidity feels like it is dripping in odious ichor with a furiously slow, crawling style of spectral Death Metal spewing forth. Packed with a spacious soundscape of grisly and macabre energies, this demo is definitely going to satisfy the cravings of real rotten Death Metal lovers.

Vinyl sticker not included 


SEEP - Souvenirs of a Necrosadist CDEP

  • Total Death

  • Death/Doom Metal

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