Birthed from the rancid offal of death, doom, and sludge metal, Maine’s SEEP are a new 2-piece death/doom metal act. The 3 songs that comprise their debut EP feature a sound that is both familiar and unique. Self-described as “downtuned death doom putridity,” the duo combines the ancient filth of Autopsy with the sluggishly slow riffage of Mythic and Derketa. The band is better described as Disma’s inbred cousin from the northern backwoods. There are odes to brutal death metal in their sound as well, with the noticeably ping-y snare and an occasional burping growl over a slamming groove. That being said, the tempo never gets too fast and the production remains intentionally murky throughout.

With songs about interdimensional sodomy, urophilic fetishes, cannibalism, and a lust for murder, SEEP revel in the obscene. This explains the members' decisions to remain anonymous, despite their decades-long resume in the underground metal scene. They have careers and children to attend to in their rural community and a squeaky-clean reputation to uphold. However, much like the BTK killer, they have a deep, depraved secret…

SEEP - Souvenirs of a Necrosadist CDEP

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