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2nd pressing, lmtd 50 copies

Reeking of the sweet stench of vintage death metal. the down under trio known as Pustilence clearly mean business with their debut demo, and bring some seriously wicked chops to prove it; fraught with blistering riffs and manic energy, there's something particularly relentless about what Pustilence does, whipping up tempo changes and leads with thrashing ferocity, while remaining ever mindful of melody and memorable hooks. Lyrically, Pustilence aim to bring a uniqueness to the art of extreme music in the form of fantastical and obscured themes. Even with a wave of recent death metal looking to capture the glory days, few seem to do it so authentically and with as much conviction as Pustilence. Look for a full length release later in 2021.

Pustilence - The Birth of the Beginning Before the Inception of the End CS

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  • Rotted Life

  • Death Metal

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