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The latest in a series of split releases on Rotted Life, brings together the clobbering, earth based physicality of Cleveland‘s Noxis with the gelatinous, interdimensional slime of Philadelphia’s newly birthed Cavern Womb. On paper, the two would seem to operate on different plains. In actuality, the binding agent is an adept ability on the part of both bands to intertwine twisting labyrinths of riffs with an oppressive and meaty underbelly of visceral churn. It's the kind of death metal whose influences may be rooted in early '90s Finland and Florida, but one that's clearly forged in the 2020s.

"Noxis may have already proven themselves with last year’s Expanse of Hellish Black Mire EP, but there’s no preparing for the solar assault of their laser-sharp ultra skills demonstrated on the first half of Communion of Corrupted Minds. Noxis are the terminators to Cavern Womb’s tentacular alien-brain death metal upon this cosmic battlefield. While the Cleveland trio annihilate absolutely with precision and cleanliness, Cavern Womb strike horror in the listener’s heart through ominous leads, chthonic atmospheres and unpredictable brutality." Decibel Mag


Noxis/Cavern Womb - Communion of Corrupted Minds CS

SKU: Rotted34CS
  • Rotted Life

  • Death Metal

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