112 pages of filthy death metal madness in eye blasting full color, printed on heavy duty 80lb matte paper. Featuring lengthy interviews/histories of ANATOMIA (16 pages), Cardiac Arrest (11pages) death metal pioneers INSANITY (14 pages) and Matt Stikker @bargainbinblasphemy (10 pages), Part 1 of "Spreading the Sickness" tape trading history, Into the Crypt by Ken Escobedo, and other fun crap to see/read/do. There is also a fuck-ton of the most putrid art featuring a STUNNING cover by @bargainbinblasphemy, individual page art by @cvspe @berzerkaroth, @claweight @drewelliott @eraovfailure @filtheffigy @fouldecay @julcroes @mattabraham @rafeldelalande @rickwoodstattoo @vilemiscreation @chronic_blood_larva @inklesions @gornikillustration @nightmare_imagery @richdoakart @rottenyellow @rustedwinds @necromaniaczine @war_geist @gourmetal_art

And if all that wasn't enough to make your head explode, the magazine also comes with a 14 band cassette compilation featuring: Ancient Crypts (Chile) Cardiac Arrest (US) Casket Slime (Can) Ceremented (US) Cryptic Hatred (Fin) Disrotter (US) Evil Hatred (Chile) For The Pyres (Swe) Gravered (Chile) Larvae (Rom) Obscene (US) Some Dead Bodies (US) Wharflurch (US) Wormridden (Jpn/Den)
Over and hour of sickening death in one handy piece of plastic.


Noxious Ruin - Vol. 2 Magazine +Cassette

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