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Debut full length from Illinois' Molder!  11 ravaging tracks of stripped-to-the-bare-bones death metal that delivers everything the earlier demos, live recordings, and split with Coffin Rot promised, and then some. Nothing fancy here, just infectious hooks, maniacal vocals, and ferocious riffs, that’ll have you robbing crypts and digging up graves. Lmtd edition 150, 2nd pressing on yellow vinyl.

Features contributions from Ted Soukup (Melting Rot)- Guest Vocals - Track 1, Cody Davidson (Putrid Stu/Sanguisugabogg)- Guest Solo- Track 2, Chris Monroy (Skeletal Remains)- Guest Solo- Track 6, Mike Perun (Cianide)- Guest Vocals- Track 6, Tom Knizner (Cardiac Arrest)- Guest Solo- Track 8

Molder - Vanished Cadavers LP (Yellow Vinyl)

SKU: Rotted15LPYV
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  • Rotted Life

  • Death Metal

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