"LEPROPHILIAC started in April '19 in A Coruña / Galicia (Northwest coast of Spain) as a studio project with Dopi on guitar / vocals and Suici on drums / vocals, totally inspired by old school stuff like early DEATH, OBITUARY, CARCASS, FUNEBRE, ABHORRENCE, CARNAGE...
Long time friends since school daze, this couple of rottenheads already played together in 1990/91 in the Thrash Metal band NECROSIS, afterwards Suici played with the first Death Metal band in A Coruña, CENOTAPH, and Dopi went to form MACHETAZO, a band who existed for 20 years and turned into one of the most famous underground acts in Spain ever.
On July '19 they did a four hours recording session for a demo titled “Caskets Of Flesh”, featuring the songs “The Autophagous”, “Mummification”, “Destined To Ritualistic Sacrifice” and a cover of CELTIC FROST's “Circle Of The Tyrants”,  released on CD by Japan's Obliteration Records


Leprophiliac - Caskets of Flesh CD

  • Obliteration Records

  • Death Metal