Frozen Screams Imprint proudly presents a massive compilation cassette featuring the brand new full-length, "Unconquerable Death," from Invultation out of Columbus, Ohio. Originally self-released by the band in March 2021 & limited to 50 tapes which sold-out immediately. Side A of this release includes all 10 tracks of blackened death metal from the dark days of deadly plagues, blood hexes, decaying cathedrals, and thunderous riffs to crush your skull.

As an added bonus, this special comp also includes Invultation's first full-length "Wolfstrap" from 2020 on Side B, also previously self-released & limited to only 20 copies. BOTH full-length albums on one cassette, clocking in at 60 minutes of unrelenting brutality, along with reversible double-panel J-card showcasing the artwork for both releases, in the form of primitive etchings by Nether Temple Design & Warhead Art.


Invultation - “Unconquerable Death" // "Wolfstrap" CS

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