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Death metal written on ancient manuscripts and delivered with a menacing scowl, this 2 song demo from Russia’s Gosudar offers a heavy dose of darkness and foreboding atmospheres, ruthless in execution as it builds to majestic heights, only to be torn down in crushing, doom filled waves of cyclonic destruction. Suffocating and bleak, and yet epic and sweeping, Gosudar should find immediate appeal among fans of Incantation, Dead Congregation and Cruciamentum. More new material to come later in 2019


"Rather than delivering their death blow by means of overt brutality, Russia's Gosudar deals, quite comfortably, in atmosphere. Nearly qualifying as doom at times, the emphasis on establishing a dense and foreboding ambiance takes priority over burly riffage. The comparison to Cruciamentum feels particularly apt--much like their abyssal forefathers, Gosudar excel at building a track to a natural pinnacle, before breaking it down to its gloomiest elements. While this formula applies to both tracks, it feels best executed on King of Pain, which features a wonderfully aggressive vocal climax at the peak of a progressively intense instrumental climb. While the guitar tone, in particular, is much heavier than something dredged from the catacombs of Grave Miasma, second track Anathema recalls a keen ability to lead the listener through a series of increasingly heavy passages." Sleeping Village Reviews

Gosudar - Gosudar Demo CS

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