Golem of Gore kick off the split with 6 tracks of self-described 'riffless gurgle grind.' If you're of the opinion that modern goregrind has too many riffs, Golem of Gore have answered your prayers. Hailing from Italy, the two-piece has a sound that is brutal, well-produced, and highly recommended to fans of Last Days of Humanity.

Pharmacist close out the split with 3 tracks of old school goregrind/death metal. Do you wish Carcass had continued writing music in the vein of Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious instead of turning into a death 'n roll act? This is the band for YOU!! Hailing from Japan, Pharmacist has quickly caused a stir in the underground with their old school approach to goregrind. Very riff-heavy and catchier than COVID-19, the three tracks on here are some of their best material to date. Highly recommended to fans of Carcass and Pathologist. 

Listen: https://pharmacist-gurglinggore.bandcamp.com/album/ambulatory-sonic-suppuration-split-with-golem-of-gore

Golem of Gore/Pharmacist - Ambulatory Sonic Suppuration CS

  • Gurgling Gore

  • Death Metal/Goregrind