Iced out death metal fanzine! Yellow Decay color
52 pages w/ fold-out cover
Black ink on colored paper, inside pages are light pastel color
Digest sized (trimmed slightly less than 5.5"x8.5")
Comes w/ free Frozen Screams Imprint sticker

BAND INTERVIEWS: Undeath, Ruin, Obscene, Cemetarian


BACK FROM THE GRAVE: Demolition Hammer, Varathron

ICE PICKS REVIEWS: Defecatory, Dead & Dripping, Mortal Wound + Gutless, Noxis, Corpse Pile, Larvae, Wormitorium, Horrible, Skalp, Hanging Fortress, Maul, Unembalmed, Granulated

ARTWORK: Rancy Neagan (cover), Rusted Winds, Jeremy Jansen, Jason Lambidis, Phoenix Roberts, Ian Collazo

Frozen Screams - Vol III. Zine(Yellow Decay cover)

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