The debut demo of Finland's EXTINGUISHED, Vomitous Manifestations, on cassette tape format.

Hailing from Turku, Finland's EXTINGUISHED was formed in the summer of 2020 by members of Sadokist, Obscure Burial, and Sickness. The intention was - and always will be - to make honest, to-the-point, GUT-TWISTING death metal in the vein of Autopsy and all things primitive. And that's exactly what they accomplish on the colorfully titled Vomitous Manifestations, EXTINGUISHED's debut demo. Blown-out and burly, Vomitous Manifestations is a deep, dark plunge into the sewers of the soul, dragged across shit-stained razors and polished off a with piss-reeking atmosphere. All-caps DEATH METAL, no more but definitely no less, and no fucks nor no quarter given! EXTINGUISHED snuff out all your hope!

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Extinguished - Vomitous Manifestations CS

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  • Death Metal