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4th full length from Ectoplasma. Muddy, organic, disgusting, bone-breaking and rotten-to-the-core Death Metal. The Greeks' new strike in their crusade against inane, overproduced 'Death Metal'.
2020 threw the world of Ectoplasma into upheaval, as their lineup was pared back to the duo of founder Giannis Grim on vocals & bass and guitarist / drummer Dimitris Sakkas, who holds a wealth of experience in the metal underground, currently maintaining the bands Inhibitions, Humanity Zero, and Slough of Despair, among many, many others. Thankfully, the latter is a fine fit for Ectoplasma, as the resultant Inferna Kabbalah is arguably the band's most polished and punishing record yet. It's a curious balance - the execution sounds razor-sharp and precise when placed within such a soundfield, with the more frequent bouts of speed given extra devastation and the breakdowns even more so - but one that pays off in spades, as their songwriting continues to thrive within strictly traditional parameters, and this relative "refinement" only makes it that much more powerful. Thus, it's not unreasonable to view Inferna Kabbalah in the same headspace as Bolt Thrower's righteous ...For Victory, except Ectoplasma surely have their own tank-treaded crush!
Delving ever deeper into the realms of horror, Ectoplasma receive yet another stunning cover art by the masterful Mörtuus. Read their Inferna Kabbalah or weep! Lmtd 200 on ectoplasmic green slime vinyl


Ectoplasma - Inferna Kabbalah LP (Ectoplasmic Green Vinyl)

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  • Rotted Life

  • Death Metal

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