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From the Canadian catacombs sprawls a new entity. Lurking in the darkest corners, Decryptal may contain seasoned veterans of the underground (including Sedimentum), but is itself a brand new band. Much like the cover art might suggest, they play a foreboding and eerie style of Death Metal that will choke you on your own feelings of dread while there are elements of the grotesque that seep into your skin just as effectively. This cacophonous blend is chunky, putrid and yet has substance in the form of a real eldritch atmosphere that lingers in the air. A deformed array of mangled riffing and spasming drums and warped bass lines will hook themselves into your cerebellum while maliciously evil vocals rip through with just as much potency. All together this crypt stench is almost too thick to traverse as a mere mortal…

If like many, you seek truly malignant music that has grooves, hooks and memorability but also a truly putrescent and dastardly feeling to it, then Decryptal is essential listening. Like a combination of all of our favourite Death Metal ideals without feeling contrived, these Canadian brutes deliver a pungent debut offering that is an immediate statement of intent to all things morbid, ectoplasmic and gruesome. Like a Lovecraftian horror that emits radiant cosmic chaos upon a sepulchral realm of decay, there is no running away from the ever-growing shadow cast by the towering ‘Sabazios Culte’. Fester in the crypts of horror as you witness a demo unfurl which is to become a favoured gem of the underground.

Lmtd US edition 150 on Rotted Life. Euro version on Me Saco Un Ojo. Includes 5 panel J-Card and black shell with silver ink.


Décryptal - Sabazios Culte CS

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  • Rotted Life

  • Death Metal

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