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Finally available! 7th issue of this underground DEATH Metal publication.
Interviews with: Exhumation, Vastum, Ataraxy, Taphos/Sulphurous/Hyperdontia,
Evil Priest, Krypts, Question, Cenotafio, Thulsa Doom, Resonance Sound Studio,
Nuclear Winter Rex/Martyrdoom Prods, Rotten Tomb-Death Division Rituals, Cemeterian/Oath of Cruelty, Spectral Voice/Blood Incantation, Cerebral Rot, Tunjum, Uttertomb, Total DEATH over Mexico, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid/Astriferous, Dario Derna ( Infester / Ritual Chamber ) And couple of special reports with Julio Viterbo ( Shub Niggurath/Cenotaph/The Chasm ) and Angel Corpse.

72 pages, A4, Offset, English written.

Crypts of Eternity - Volume VII Magazine

SKU: Crypts07
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