Cassette re-issue on Burning Coffin, lmtd 100 on slimy green transparent shell

Because of their lust for rancid and rotten death metal, three maniacs started the band Cryptic Brood in the year 2013.
Several physical regurgitations of their unique death metal and morbid live rituals all over the globe made them spread their plague in the repulsive realm of the death metal underground.
Now, the brood is back from a short slumber in its cave to unveil their new album entitled „Outcome Of Obnoxious Science“.
Cryptic Brood's second full-length is a sonic lobotomy that vaporizes your brain in a vortex of filth. Rotten metal of death to shatter your skull with ghastly grindcore and distasteful doom metal, (de-)composed in their dungeon in Wolfsburg/Germany.
Highly recommended if you like Repulsion, Autopsy, Coffins, early Deceased.

Cryptic Brood - Outcome of Obnoxious Science CS

  • Burning Coffin Records

  • Death/Doom Metal