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When one death/doom trio wasn’t enough, we spanned the Atlantic Ocean to double the disgust, bringing together Virginia's Night Hag, and Germany's Cryptic Brood for one foul smelling split LP. The result is 7 putrid excretions of death, decay, and doom, complete with all the oozing and gooey accoutrements you’d expect from these two bands.  You’re not going to come away smarter, but the layer of skin that sloughs off is going to give you  a radiant glow. 

Cover art by Caleb Dickenson

Lmtd 250 black vinyl edition with 2 sided insert

Cryptic Brood/Night Hag - Swollen With Rancid Phlegm LP (Black Vinyl)

SKU: Rotted19LP
Out of Stock
  • Rotted Life 

  • Death/Doom Metal

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