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new EP from CONGEALED PUTRESCENCE, Within the Ceaseless Murk, on cassette tape format.

Almost too perfectly monikered, CONGEALED PUTRESCENCE are a filth-grinding death metal quartet hailing from New Orleans. Sickly dense like foulest rot bubbling up from the sewer, they're nevertheless pummeling in their attack, keeping their dirty noses deep within the classics and remaining trendless every step of the way.

Now, after 2021's debut Dissolved in Hyphae do CONGEALED PUTRESCENCE return with another quick-hitting EP in Within the Ceaseless Murk. Likewise perfectly titled, Within the Ceaseless Murk is a rippling, roiling mountain of goo and garbage set to stun. Thick and viscous, the quartet still blast away with a sharply executed style of death metal equal parts classic Finnish and New York, with no small amount of slams. Twelve minutes of deathgrinding bliss: quickly you rot!


Congealed Putrescence - Within the Ceaseless Murk CS

  • Caligari Records

  • Death Metal

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