Armoured Angel - Stigmartyr Anthology CD featuring "Wings of Death" & "Communion" demo's and "Stigmartyr" and "Mysterium" EP's.  Formed in 1982 and disbanding in 2001, ARMOURED ANGEL were Australia's very first extreme metal band - and for many years, one of its only ones. Originally released in 1994 on CD, "Mysterium" was, strangely enough, released on a major label at the time. Despite the potential for a watered-down sound, "Mysterium" sees ARMOURED ANGEL staying true to their principles and further finessing their trademark style: patient, pulsing, and largely mid-tempo death metal rife with nuance and molten power to spare.  If you dig the crusty grooves of Bolt Thrower and Amebix, this is a must.

Armoured Angel - Stigmartyr Anthology CD

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  • Thrashing Fist

  • Death Metal/Thrash Metal